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What’s all this about?

I suppose this is a little late to the scene, considering that I have now moved back to the United States. It is something I always wanted to do, but never found the time for while I was actually living in Senegal. Maybe it is an excuse to go back one day, so I can take better pictures for the posts.

This is not meant to be a resource for Senegalese recipes. I did take a few lessons in thieboudienne, and I can put together a very passable maffe, I am an amateur when it comes to the traditional dishes. This is about taking my well-worn chef’s knife to a new continent with a whole new world of flavors and ingredients to play with. It is about hibiscus flowers and just-caught tuna bought off a wooden table on the beach. It is about the fiery local ginger, the intensely sour maad, and salty-sandy peanuts in little plastic bags.

My goal is to post once or twice a week, with posts being either descriptions of the local ingredients or recipes I came up with for using them.

Where is that, again?

Senegal is a country in west africa.

Who is writing all of this?

My name is Thomas Burke, and I am a freelance web developer. I have been a cook since before I was allowed to use the big knives. In late 2007 I had the opportunity to move to Yoff, a fishing village on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal, and I stayed there until June of 2009.

How come the pictures aren’t of the food?

They are when I have them. And I will update pictures as I make the recipes again.